Saturday, July 24, 2010

Hello Everyone,

And a special "hello" to all you out in the Shippensburg area. I'm sorry to get your hopes up by that first sentence, since I do not have a post on the Independence Day Picnic for you today. Instead I have an apology for you. I had some previous events that I wanted to get out of the way first (see chronological order does matter once in a while), and, since covering that picnic will be enough for a post in itself, I had to push it off until next time, when I will, Lord willing, tackle it.

The good news is that one of today's topics is a visit to the Raines. (Do I see your hopes rising again?) BUT. We were unable to think of any photo stories while there. (What is that noise? The shatter of dashed hopes?) Well, well, I hope you will be able to get your hopes glued back together by the end of the post.

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