Saturday, June 13, 2009

Memorial Day continued...

We arrive home to discover that someone has been pulling our house apart while we were gone!


"Get your paper! Get your evening paper. Read all about it! Local home is destroyed while family is away on biking trip!"

First buyer.

"Uh! That's my house!!!"

The Town Gossips

Some of you may remember that Norman Rockwell is my favorite artist. The above photo reminded me (however remotely) of this painting Three Gossips.

Dad ends the photo shoot by reminding us of the piles of wood to clear away.

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Josiah E. said...

LOL I loved your series of paper pictures! The second one of Candace is just perfect! Her expression, the setting, (why are old brick walls so cool looking?) and the lighting are so good! I agree the "Town Gossips" picture is reminiscent of the "Three Gossips".