Saturday, June 13, 2009

We now take a break from all the hard work we have been witnessing to meet "the Visionary," who, it would seem, is also taking a break. His vital and arduous (and self-assigned) task is to stand here and visualize all the the vegetables that we will eventually have (without his assistance). :-)

Candace's wheat art.

Back to the hard workers.

The smallest gardener.... or maybe...

...not quite! Meet our soil inspector!

"This clod is a bit too large."

The big test.

"Hmm... I believe that the pH of your soil is too low. It's quite acidic."


Josiah E. said...

You have a very good eye Candace! Wheat Art is very well done, I really like the framing and DOF, I assume you were zoomed in all the way?

Candace said...

Thanks for the compliment. Actually, I used macro, which is the only way to get any DOF on our camera. I guess I won't mention Carmen's editing, especially on the lighting. ;-)

Carmen M. said...

Like I told you, Candace, it was a good picture to begin with and it gave me a lot to work with (and have fun with).

Yes, about the DOF. You ought to see the many strange situations we use macro in, just trying to get a blurry background. ;-)

Sylvia said...

Mervin and Mercy are just adorable!!!