Saturday, June 13, 2009

Memorial Day

Oiling up for the long drive out to the Bohannons.

Girl Power

Faith takes a sneak peak at my favorite dish of the day - apple salad!

Nicolas and the Bohannon boys unload the curiosity of the day: a tandem bicycle.

The Bohannon menfolk inspect this oddity to make sure that it is safe for Lydia to ride. :-)

Mr. Bohannon seeks Mrs. Bohnnon's counsel: "Do you think we should let Nicolas take her on that thing?"

Nicolas solicits support from the unbiased non-relatives: "Don't you think my wife will be just fine on that bike?"

So, to resolve the issue, one biased Bohannon and one unbiased non-relative take the bike on a test run. The End. ;-)

Unfortunately, I did not get a picture of Nicolas and Lydia on the infamous bike, but they managed it like pros, just as we all were confident they would.

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