Saturday, March 20, 2010

Birthday Party No. 1

The Einwechters invited us over for Mrs. Einwechter, Isaac, and Candace Manion's birthday party.

We received a warm reception.

Philip: You wouldn't have come if you knew I was cooking right?

Conrad fails in his attempt to look convincingly confident.

Candace M. and... well, Candace M. I see I will have to be more specific next time.

Ah, I can already taste new creations by the Einwechter chefs. (Philip is one of them by the way.)

And so is Abigail. :)

How old am I? Hmm... Let me think...

Here come the "sharing gifts."

Care for some nuts?

*says wheedlingly* "Isaac, you're my favorite uncle."

She got her nuts.

Birthdays are all about surprises, right? Well...

...surprise! A wedding gift comes on the scene.

(And you thought this was a birthday party, right?)

Wait a minute. We got married six months ago.

Like daughter, like father.

Posted as part of my membership duties to the LPDP (League of Photo-Deprived Photographers).


Josiah E. said...

Very nice post, Carmen! I see that you put the 50mm f1.4 to good use! :) Thank you for the picture of me, BTW, my picture of you turned out very nicely. :)

Oh, and in my defense, the wedding gift was 6 months late but I received my thank you card for being a groomsman after I gave them the wedding present. So I am not the only one who was late.

Carmen M. said...

Josiah, I think that as part of YOUR membership duties in the LPDP, you ought to send me that photo. :-)

Don't worry about the sword's being late. I didn't mean to rub it in. Something like that is worth waiting for.