Saturday, March 20, 2010

Cake Time

You learned your lesson I trust. Appearances can be deceiving.

Here's the rightful owner of that exquisite cake.

(You can quote Prov. 27:2 all you want. I didn't make the cake. Grandma did. ;-)

"Did you just go look up Prov. 27:2? I was going to, but I couldn't get out of this high-chair."

He'll never make a fireman. He has no clue how to put out fires.

"I'll take the ear." Christian has no qualms about stripping Ms. Bear of her last appendage.

Dad - dedicated music stand.


Shad E. said...

Candace - Is that a Martin guitar? ;)

Scott Eash said...

Ah, another of Candace's talents is now revealed! Candace, I suppose you're now going to start your own blog - Miss Guitarist. ;-)

Candace said...

Yes and no, Shad.:) Seriously though,I think anyone with the name of Martin really should have a "Martin" guitar...I would try to convince the company to give out free guitars to all who have the Martin name if there weren't pages of us in the phone book. In case you are interested, the guitar I have is an epiphone.

Clever thought (about the Miss Guitarist) Scott, but somehow I have this feeling that blogging isn't for me.