Saturday, March 20, 2010

Tour of the 911 Center

They couldn't be (gasp) gossiping again?!

Be sure your sin will find you out.

This is all the info they had for us homeschoolers' portfolios. And this is all the photos I have from the 911 center itself. (In the actual control room, we weren't allowed to take pictures.)


After our tour, we headed to one of the many local parks - one that was...

...not responsible for accidents.

Not responsible for accidents?? Well, we know who is.

911 Dispatcher: He's stuck?! You say he's stuck? at the park??

The dispatchers give their cool and collected advise.


Prisoner's Base

All free. At least... for now.

You want to be free again? Stretch that line as long as you can... that Micah can get there in time.

Conrad warned me not to post this photo: "It reflects badly on our mirror." ;-)

We (or rather, our GPS) took the Raines down dead-ends, on detours, and up muddy field roads.

Mom goes back to explain to the Raines why we are going down rabbit trails.

"Why are we driving on a rabbit trail?"

(The explaining didn't stop with the Raines.)


Nicolas Barbeito said...

Your 911 center is very impressive. I have an EMT final test coming up. Do you think maybe I could practice some with them? It appears that I could learn a lot from them.

Carmen M. said...

It seems to me, Nicolas, that you must be joking to a certain extent. Even if you are taking an EMT final test, I can hardly believe you really want to come practice with them. As to learning a lot from them... When you wrote that, was there sarcasm in your... er, typing, by any chance? :)

My apologies if I mis-read you. :-)

Dale said...

Nicolas is actually studying to become and EMT.

As for sarcasm... you never can tell with Nicolas.


Josiah E. said...

Your mirror picture is very well done! Two Thumbs Up!