Saturday, February 6, 2010

Hello Everyone,

I'll tell you right up front. My favorite part of this post is the first part. Emma, actually, is the one who gave me the original idea of doing "literal technology" photos. Thanks so much for not copyrighting the idea, Emma. It was a great one. And hey, maybe, if you all like it, we can come up with more "literal technology"... but that's not a promise. (There are a lot of things that slow down a literal technology production, such as trying to catch mice that seem to have suddenly gone extinct or trying to figure out just how Amelia Bedelia would "take a poll" - sorry, little inside FB joke there. ;-)

Also, as of today's post, the New Year is officially here. What if it is a month late? We always complain how time flies. Just thank me for trying to slow it's flight a little. Don't give me all the thanks, though. Reserve most of it for Josiah who gave me his photos from New Year's Eve.

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