Saturday, October 24, 2009

A Special Edition in Honor of... precious sister Candace!

The reason she is so precious.

Some of you don't know this (I know, I know... some of you DO), but this blog wouldn't be what it is without Candace and her camera. To tell the honest truth, that little Canon Powershot that I carry around and even slip up and call "mine" at times is HER camera. (She's forgotten that though. ;-) And lest you think I love her merely for her generosity with her camera, she herself is quite valuable as a subject for photos and also as a fellow photographer. That's right - I do actually allow her to use her own camera sometimes!

On a more serious note, Candace has a lot of wonderful qualities that have absolutely nothing to do with photography/blogging. I am extremely blessed to have a sister and friend like you, Candace.

So... Happy 16th Birthday, Candace!

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God Bless.

(Hmm... I bet I have you all so well trained that nobody will see this post until next Saturday, the normal posting day. ;-)


Dad said...

Yes, Candace is precious. What would we do without her boundless energy, her fierce determination, her rigid discipline, her myriad talents, her extreme eccentricities, her extraordinary motivation, her motherly instincts, and her unfailing love for all of us. Candace, I love you and I am looking forward to all that God has planned for you as you surrender your life to Him. Happy sweet 16th birthday!

glo said...

i saw it!!! :) Im becoming addicted, you see. No just kidding - Facebook helped me out. What a beautiful tribute to a beautiful lady! I love my nieces! --Gloria

Sylvia said...

Aww, sweet!!! Candace, Happy Birthday!!! And it's the 16th! I didn't forget but missed the mail today! Many happy wishes!

Anonymous said...

Happy 16th Birthday Candace!! It's hard to believe that you are already 16 years old... It seems like only yesterday, not 7 years ago that I was blessed to have two polite, lovely little girls begin piano lessons with me! It has been so fun to watch you mature and blossom in so many ways! I wish you many blessings on this special day and in the future!!

Mrs. Groff

~Rebecca~ said...

That is a really becoming pic of Candace!

Happy Birthday to her!