Saturday, October 25, 2008

Tunneling in the Back Yard

Recently our family watched The Great Escape, the story of how 70
American POWs dug there way out of a German prison camp during
WWII - an unbelievable story! That was enough to inspire my siblings.

Let's get started!

The digging is going great until...

...Inspector Faith shows up. ;-)

This picture so reminds me of myself. I used to be the one standing
there heading all the adventurous projects, giving the orders, and
making everybody else do all the work. :-)

Well, I have to hand it to her: she isn't afraid to get dirty.
Me? - I always kept my clothes spotless!

If you really want to appreciate good, old H2O, all you have to
do is start working hard.

"Tunnel King"

I remembered that, far back in our family's earliest digital archives,
we have these photos of Candace, Conrad, and I laboring at a similar
project. I still recall the day back in 2001 when I stubbed my toe on a
bit of stump sticking out of the yard. It must have hurt fairly bad -
bad enough to make me determined to get vengeance!

That was one sweet victory!

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