Saturday, April 4, 2009

Four on a Couch (or "Three on a Couch" in this case)

A lot of this goes on. But, hey, thinking is good for you... I think... ;-)

Looks like Emma knows three people's names.

"How could that happen?! I lost them just like that!"

(It happens all the time.)


"So Conrad was "Emma" but he traded with Faith and became "Charity" which means that Elias can't be "Emma" and so he must be...???"

Sorry, didn't work. Shoes win!

Doing their best to look glum.

At which point Mrs. Raine decides to help so that we can officially play "Four on the Couch."

While Dad remains steadfast in his determination NOT to help.

My turn? Ok... well... um...

"Listen! I just went through a traumatic accident: I can't be expected to do this!!"

"Boy, oh boy! There's always one."

(quote from Twelve Angry Men)
"We can do this - I know we can!"

Feet Finally Find Fulfillment
Shoes Lose
"Whew! That was fun, but I'm glad it's over."


Katie - Romans 12:1-2 said...

I love this game...we played it at our churches Youth Rally last week. I think my Dad, who is the Pastor, enjoyed watching 40 teenagers play it. :)

Carmen M. said...

40?! At the same time? I can't imagine. Surely you didn't play the name-switching version?