Saturday, August 16, 2008

Day 3 - Visiting the Green Bank Telescope and coming home

The Green Bank, WV Radio Telescope

An experiment that our tour guide
showed us. -- And that is all the photos
I have from the telescope. Because
even digital cameras could cause
interference with the telescope's
reception of radio waves coming from
outer space, we were required to turn
off all electronics when we were close to the

Like sister, like sister

Dad dives into the potato chip
bag on the last stop of our journey.
The camcorder is mine (I'll tell you
that much). Now, guess whose the
restraining arm is!

Farwell from everyone but me...

...well from me too!



Abigail said...

Congratulations on your first photo post, Carmen! You did a great job--there are a lot of very nice pictures and good captions. (Plus you included a number of pictures of yummy looking food. However, the afore mentioned fact is kind of sad at the moment since I could use some right now.) One would hardly know it was your first post...except that you told us.

Carmen M. said...

Thanks, Abigail! It is consoling to know that I don't appear to everyone to be an amateur:).