Saturday, September 13, 2008

After all the work that went into preparing this big wheel for the
picnic, I had to take a picture of the proud owner. The day before the
picnic Clayton and Christian were outside scrubbing it til it shown.

Did you ever attain equilibrium on a seesaw?
Hey, we had to do something until everyone finally arrived!

I know this photo might have some faults, but I liked it
and I decided to post it and, afterall, it is my blog!

Karen, one of the faithful Einwechter crew who make sure
that such necessities as plates and napkins are not forgotten.

A conversation I was having was interupted by one of my siblings, who informed me
of the immediate photographic opportunity that a butterfly sitting on Faith's shoulder afforded. That is what I get for telling my brothers and sisters to let me know when something photo-worthy is going on.

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Abigail said...

So this the the butterfly picture you ran off to take? ;-) It turned out well.