Saturday, November 15, 2008

Dad and the Girls Go China Shopping

She's a tomboy; it doesn't bother her if her hair is a complete wreck.

We arrive with high hopes of finding Candace some China dishes
for her birthday.

So many patterns to choose from.

Dad: "This is a very formal pattern, Candace."
Dad's latest infatuation is China. Recently he has been going
about turning up teacups to see what brand they are. :-)

The choices are narrowed down to this striking Old Country Roses
design or...

... the serene Rothschild pattern.

Decision time.

"Dad, what do you think I should get?"

All the accessories that could be collected in the Old Country Roses
pattern helped her decide to go with that one. Honestly, they even
had teacup-shaped nightlights that matched!

Now that that is over, we can enjoy the mall!

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Abigail said...

There are so many beautiful sets of China! I like the "Decision time" says it all. So many weighty decisions!