Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I believe the fact that Rook is my favorite game has already been published.

There aren't many games my uncle isn't good at.
By the way, I have some cousins who can hardly stand cameras.
It made my time with them more difficult, but made my photo-
sorting less so. ;-)

What a kitty!

Goodbye time.
As if a family such as ours didn't attract enough notice at the rest
area on the way home, Conrad had to broadcast our presence by
blowing a ear-piercing whistle on an acorn cap.

This is to prove to you that not all of us were immune to the stress
of a nine hour drive!

I've stayed up far too late to get this post complete and am beginning
to resemble the above picture, I am afraid. I am heartily glad to say:


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Sylvia said...

I love it! I was waiting for these pictures Carmen. You have some great ones as usual! Thanks for posting!