Wednesday, November 26, 2008

We have the Jacksons over for Conrad's Birthday

It is almost a tradition for our two families to play
Dictionary (Balderdash) whenever we get together!

The complete Webster's dictionary! -
Mr. Jackson couldn't find any words that he didn't know
in our abridged dictionary!

What does the word osculate present to your mind?

Our ideas roll in.
Nobody other than Mr. Jackson would be able to keep a straight
face with such definitions as those were!

Dictionary has got to be one of the funniest games existing!
We go into convulsions over some people's outlandish ideas.

"To kiss? - I don't think so. Imagine the minister saying,
'You may now osculate the bride'!"

Believe it or not, to kiss is really the definition of the
word osculate! Michael said that he always uses that word,
and it has never failed him (in other words, it always tricks


Time for the cake.
(Michael, who shares a birthday with Conrad, has been
celebrating his birthday with our family for the past nine years.)

Dad said, "I never saw anyone cut a cake in that way before."

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