Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Baking Cookies

Dough girl

All ages welcome!

Dig out ALL the cookie cutters - even if they are valentines.

The amount of sprinkles they put on those cookies.....!

My brother Conrad's all boy,
And his sisters he loves to annoy;
Sugar he stole,
and a cookie - a whole!
He ate with a great deal of joy.

Not to sound repetitious, but:

My sister Faith is all girl,
And likes on the table to curl;
She shares with her brother
His love of sugar;
I tell you, she's quite a girl!

Head baker: a position of extreme responsibility! (Well, you don't like burnt cookies do you?)

A heart for SOMEONE (all right, it was just Dad ;-)



That is all. Hopefully those cookies leave your mouth watering! To be honest, with all those sprinkles, they really were not extremely tempting (to me).
God Bless each of you!


Sylvia said...

Looks like fun (and a lot of patience :) Some things never change and that is Sandtarts and sprinkles!!!

Abigail said...

LOL The fact that he stole a whole cookie was the worst part. ;-)

Abigail said...

Almost got us on that one, Carmen. ;-) Good post...I'm glad you haven't shut it down yet. :-)

Carmen M. said...

I know, Abigail. It doesn't really make the sin worse that he took a "whole" cookie instead of a half, but...well, it had to rhyme with "stole." ;-)

Sylvia, you got the patience part right! Supervising a project like that can be stressful.

~Rebecca~ said...

Everyone is eyeing those cookies! My poor Mom is always swarmed when she bakes!

I liked your cookie heart!