Saturday, January 10, 2009


I'll give you a peek into her brain. She's thinking "I know I could do that too!"

She's hardheaded! - once she has an idea in her head no one can get it out.



Risk becomes Reality!

"That's what you get if you mess with me!"

It's obviously time for "certain people" to get to bed!


~Rebecca~ said...


I have a brother who does that, says that he is "spiderman" looks like they had fun, and were probably a mite sore after?


Carmen M. said...

I didn't hear any complaints of stiffness, actually. Maybe they do this type of thing so often that they are immune to the side-effects. :-)

glo said...

how comes i never got to do any door sitting.... i'm telling you, you really miss out on things when you are the youngest of 6 and on behind by 5 years.... well, maybe I can come over & door sit with my nieces & nephews sometime. bet im too big though

Carmen M. said...

My dear deprived aunt, you are certainly welcome to come over and try it out! However, I would strongly recommend that you take precautions against cameras, unless you want your attempt to show up in this blog - I am not always very conscientious about what I post (if I think something might be even just a little bit funny, I can hardly resist posting it. :-)

Jen said...

When I was a child (makes me sound old) we used to climb things such as.... trees.... :) What else can I say, we obviously did not think "outside the box"....