Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Pinata - An Annual Tradition

Aunt Trisha explains the "Buddy System," which is merely socialism in disguise. ;-) The basic principle is the same: Take from the rich (those with much candy) to give to the poor (those with little candy).

Even a little boy can do some damage!

The bigger boys do even more.

We have a helicopter crash on our hands.

Grandma and Grandpa's garage never seems as small as it does when someone is wildly swinging that bat!


Someone who appears to have benefited from socialism.

But there is always someone else who seems to have gotten a better deal.

Moral: Socialism breeds discontent; it doesn't work! (BTW, I'm not condemning your good idea, Trisha. Sharing is certainly a Biblical principle. :-)


glo said...

socialism... LOL Good one, Carmen!! and by the way, the pic of Kendall swinging is just too funny. See my & Grandmas faces?!? LOL

Sylvia said...

I just love that picture Carmen, but I suppose Candace gets the honor, since you're on it. Captures the fear we spectators all fear. I love the little lesson on socialism, too :)