Saturday, March 7, 2009

An Old-Fashioned Taffy Pull

All right Everyone,

I need to see a raise of hands here. How many of you have heard of taffy-pulling before? How many of you have actually done it? (By the way, the technological equivalent to raising your hand is leaving a comment. ;-)

I'm warning you (not apologizing - just warning you!) I have a lot of pictures from just this one event, in which our family and the Einwechters get together to pull taffy. Ben blew me away by letting me have all his photos from the evening as well as giving me blogging privileges. I had so much fun putting this together!

One last thing before we get to the pictures, I have a little competition for anyone who is interested. The majority of these photos were taken by the Einwechters, but I did post eight of my own. The challenge(?) is to figure out which eight are mine. Just leave a comment identifying eight of them. Whoever has the most correct wins. I will announce the winner's name next time (if there is a winner :-) and will also post a photo of him/her if they send me one.


~Rebecca~ said...

hmmmm, photos with you in them are most likely not taken with your camera! Those were very nice, a great way to see Taffy pulling, and yes I have seen taffy pulling, and tasted salt water taffy! But the taffy pulling I saw was done by machine and hand. I'm going to show my little sister this, she wants to know "what taffy pulling is?"

Sylvia said...

Carmen, I like the taffy pictures. Yes, I've pulled taffy, YUM. I really like the pictures with the hands and taffy, but sorry I can't figure out who took what!!

Carmen M. said...

I can't take credit for the hand/taffy art photos, but I too really like them!

hannah said...

Hi, I was sent here via the Einwechters. Yes, I've heard of taffy-pulling, but had never seen it done. Now I can't say that! Looks like fun. Good job blogging it:)

I'm going to guess that the photos you took are:

ben pulling the taffy
josiah with finished product
art of cutting wrappers
bathtowel "studio"
taffy closeup on fingers
divvying the goodies

Carmen M. said...

Thanks, Hannah. You are totally correct on all your guesses, which leads me to wonder how you figured it out. Do my pictures actually stick out that badly :) or were you one of those clever people who analyzed the file names?

hannah said...

Hi Carmen. I figured Ben did not take 5,000 some photos that evening. Though he probably could have...

So, no, most of your pics were quite good, and yes, I analyzed the file names--guess I was in an interesting mood last night. :)