Saturday, March 21, 2009

This was my first sight of Conrad after the accident. By this time he was conscious, though immediately after the crash, he had been stumbling about not knowing what was going on.

"Get a stretcher over here!"

It was around 17 degrees that night. Not fun to be lying still on snow-covered ground!

This was our family's first experience with the ambulance. Derrick said, "You're going to want to get pictures of this!" It would be fine with me if I never get the opportunity again.

Beginning to cut his jacket off. Conrad said he asked them not to, but it is trauma routine apparently.
Around this time, Mom climbed in to talk to him. He said, "Mom, don't baby me." We all felt better after that. :-)

The poor police woman who had to come out and who, by her own admission, knew "nothing about snowmobiles."

Thankfully, Paul does.

Lying just where it landed.

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