Saturday, June 27, 2009

Hard Core Demolition

Grandpa arrives...

..."and the walls came tumbling down."

There goes our fun outdoor studio.


That was one well-anchored wash line pole.

"Dad, you just pulled up Sarah's wash line post!"

Mom didn't care. In fact, she said he could pull the other one out too. :-)

If this photo hurts anyone's eyes, I apologize. I got a bit carried away on the editing, but after I undid all the edits, it looked so dull that I pushed "redo."

"I do NOT need a shot!"

Candace became the first casualty of the project when she jumped off the trailer onto a nail. (Like it or not, she did get that tetanus shot.)

Trench Warfare

Looks as if more casualties may be forthcoming. ;-)


Sylvia said...

Great one of Dad! Love seeing the progress!

Carmen M. said...

I would say that the picture of Grandpa is my favorite of all the ones I ever took of him.