Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Anual IFRC Big Girls' Party...

...not to be confused with the annual IFRC Little Girls' Party.

Speaking of vehicles, the Einwechters' "Big Blue" does much faithful service by hauling folks about.

My grandmother would say, "Make your hands go as fast as your mouths." :-)

In our inexperience, we seemed to be able to do only one at a time - either make our mouths go or our hands. Here's proof that the hands did "go" at times.

Sherri filling the awkward silence when our hands were "going." :-)

Kara lists the basic rules of quilting:

#1 Take the thread to the needle, not the needle to the thread.
#2 Wear your thimble on your thumb, not your ring finger.
#3 Always put your knots on the surface of the quilt.
#4 Only penetrate the top two layers of fabric with your needle, not the bottom layer.
#5 Never take an amateur quilting instructor seriously! ;-)

Grace mentally takes notes.

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