Saturday, August 22, 2009

Garage Update

Pouring Flooring

Dad and the first driver didn't appear to have much to talk about. ;-)

2nd driver - different story.

This guy isn't just standing about watching; he's still working hard!

Uhh... most of the time, that is.

And he does spend a good deal of time anticipating the luxuries to come.

Mowing the floor?

Working his way up.

Conrad went to such heights to get this picture that I had to post it.

Vans in Vogue

(This was probably the most expensive day of the project: builders, plumbers, electricians, heating guys, etc. The amazing thing is that almost everyone who worked on this project was our relation in some way.)

Lunchtime - what brings them all together.

Blowing insulation (in the summertime at that!) must be one of the least desirable jobs imaginable.

The stage we are at now.
I believe this guy would be at home on a stage; he's a regular clown. He's got the personality, he's got the stilts, he yodels while he works, and he has a hat full of tricks.

We all thought the stilts were pretty interesting. Earlier, when the insulation crew was here, one of them was an Amish man on stilts. We thought it would make a great picture! But, knowing that Amish don't always appreciate getting their pictures taken (yes, we know things like that ;-), Candace asked him before she did. He said, "Well, I'd rather not, but if you really want to..." After that, we couldn't decide if we really wanted to.

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God Bless


Anonymous said...

Oh Carmen, you wear me out.... how you come up with your highly amusing, yet quite perfect captions is beyond me! I so enjoyed the post! The potato bug "sucker" thing was so hilarious!!! And second funny photo of the week is the concrete trowler (aka "mower")... I think my husband would be amused. ;) Anyway, thanks for sharing and brightening my evening!! Have a blessed week!

Mrs. Groff

Carmen M. said...

I'm glad I posted the "mower" photo then! The quality wasn't very good and Candace was telling me how absurd I was to post it. Scold her for me on Thursday, will you? ;-)