Saturday, October 31, 2009

An IFRC Hot Dog Roast

Don't skip the introduction...

Before you get to the pictures, you need to first hear who gets the credit for them. All the good ones are Emma's - at least all the really good ones are. :-) Also, thanks to the Botsfords for offering me their pictures. (I think Emma made me ask for hers. jk) Kara and Michaella, a few of your pictures fit into my story lines perfectly, so thanks. And, Emma, your pictures made my story lines for the most part. I didn't take the time to try to figure out who took each picture and watermark them accordingly. After you see a certain section of the post, you may understand why that would have been very difficult. And lastly, since one of the photographers present did not give me his pictures :), I will have to direct you to his post if you want to see them (you will need to scroll down pretty far).


Josiah E. said...

Come now Carmen, if I already posted my pictures why would you want to post them as well? :) Of course this way I get more hits to my blog from your dedicated readership so it is really a win win situation for me. :)

For a direct link to my post on this subject please use the following link:

~Rebecca~ said...

Awww, thanks for your comment Carmen! You are very sweet! I LOVE to show my Mother the pictures on your blog! I showed my 16 yr old brother the pics of the alligator, he loved them!!