Saturday, October 17, 2009

Sylvia - a great CatchPhrase player. She always gets her phrase across.

Kendall, smug with the knowledge of the correct answer but not about to give it away to the opposite team who is floundering in confusion (they don't know enough about science, you see).


The babies of the family: youngest "child" and youngest grandchild.

The skill gets better every time. This game ended 25-27 I believe.

Now Dad's always been very dominion-minded... BUT... weeding the volleyball court - that's got to be a first!

Gloria entertaining...

...both baby and babysitter.

Me and my great aunt Gloria.

(You wouldn't think by looking at us that she is three generations older than I, would you? ;-)

More of Gloria's auntics.

(Sorry, if some of you don't get that one. :)


Anonymous said...

You lost me on how your Aunt Gloria is 3 generations older than you.... You'll have to explain later I guess. :) ~Mrs. Groff~

Carmen M. said...

I knew that one was a bit far-fetched - sorry. :-) She's my great-aunt (aren't great-aunts about three generations older?). Of course, she's not really my great-aunt as far as her relation to me is concerned; but she is a great aunt, that's certain!

Does that clear it up? :-)

Anonymous said...

Ohhh know I get it! I am a little slow at moments! :) (Mrs. Groff)