Saturday, October 17, 2009

A Weekend at the Cabin with the Martins

Why, the nerve! Trying to leave myself and my stuff at home!

Every two years we drive past Reptileland. Sometimes we don't stop; sometimes we do.

Butterfly or Moth? You tell me.

Old Stick-in-the-Mud
Hey, didn't you know that chewing grass went out of vogue fifty years back??

The latest in hotdog roasting technology.


Problem Solved

(I told you two posts ago that you would soon get to see the unmannerly manner with which some males eat hotdogs. ;-)

Eric too is good at solving dilemmas.

Uncle Dale - marshmallow connoisseur.

And here we have the avid student (on the right) and the greedy onlooker (on the left).


Anonymous said...

My vote would be moth...
~Mrs. Groff~

I & P said...

We think it is a butterfly.

Carmen M. said...

There was sarcasm in the tone of your comment wasn't there, Mrs. Groff? Otherwise, you may need to dig out your biology book again. :-) That, or else it is I (and some other people I know :) who need to review the characteristics of moths vs. butterflies.