Saturday, December 12, 2009

Clown & Doll on a Music Box Act

Here is a video of our theatrical debut, which the publicity branch finally allowed me to post after much debate as to whether it's poor quality would be detrimental to the company's reputation. Renowned soloist Candace Martin never did give her complete sanction to the release of the this clip. In her words, "My voice comes in jerks." ;-)

It will give you an idea what we did.


Sylvia said...

What an absolutely smashing debut! Please consider that our Christmas family gathering is coming up!!! Entertainment welcome!!! :)

Rohirrim Maiden said...

Conrad and Candace did a very good job! That must have taken so much work to get together. How did you get the box fixed up so that Candance went round? She must have gotten so dizzy!

Carmen M. said...

Sylvia, can you supply a piano? :) We actually thought about doing it for the family but gave it up for lack of a proper set-up. I don't know what to say... I'd love to oblige. Maybe we could show everyone the video?

Hannah, can't tell you how nice it is when someone realizes that a lot of work went into the coordination. ;-) We had to get the piano, Candace's singing, the rotations of the box, Conrad's movements, and Dad's ratcheting all in sync.
The simple answer to your question is that Conrad, with all his engineering expertise, made the entire box. He tried to explain how it worked to me; let's just say that it had a lot to do with motors, RPMs, pulleys, etc. ;-) Long story short, Conrad knows somethings I don't, and I'm pretty proud of him.

Isaac said...

Well, dispite the video's technical problems, it does give one an idea of the show. Also, if people can understand that the audio in the video is no where near how it sounded in real life. I can understand what your saying, Candace, about your voice sounding jerky. Though, when not marred by technical issues, you have a wonderful sounding voice! You guys did a great job on your show, and every looked sounded well coordinated. I'm looking forward to your future productions.