Saturday, December 12, 2009

Hello Everyone,

There are two things that can keep me from posting: a wedding or a conference in another state. It's not a wedding this time, and so it must be... ta da! a conference! Actually, though, I am still posting, just not very much. I'm sitting here writing/posting this Tuesday night (a post done all in one night has got to be a record for me). Tomorrow I make sure that I have everything packed that I need on a six day trip. Thursday I leave. Saturday you read this. :) And Tuesday is when I get back to make sure that everything posted properly. So if anything seems odd or isn't working right, check back later to see if I have it fixed. (Already tonight I scheduled this whole post to post backwards.)

Note: All the photography of the event itself is by Emma or Elias Raine.


Rohirrim Maiden said...

Hope you enjoyed the conference, Carmen! Will you be posting pictures of your trip?

Carmen M. said...

Hannah, the conference was a lot of other things as well, but, yes, enjoyment was definitely part of the experience. I was really blessed to be able to go - it was a growing experience.

I'll be posting photos someday Lord willing, but a lot of things could happen before that someday comes. In plain English, it'll be awhile. :-)