Saturday, December 12, 2009

IFRC Family Night

Speaking of Mr. Oberholtzer... He's the kind of guy who shows up when you start talking about him:
"It looks like we have a full program this evening."

Someone in the audience thought that "It's hard to take 'Canon in D' seriously with those red dots on Candace's cheeks."

The Pheros had a monopoly on poetry.

Though Mrs. Jackson gave them some competition.


I enjoyed it, Sarah.

The Great Escape - not hundreds of POWs escaping from a German concentration camp, but rather the story of one little boy's escape from his babysitter. You can imagine how hilarious! (It's a pretty incredible story really.)

And I just lost my program... therefore don't remember what Charlotte played. It was right here... Hmm... Dad, do you know where it is?...

This could bode ill for the rest of the post. :)


Anonymous said...

I would really like a copy of the "Great Escape" if possible... very cute story! ~Mrs. Groff~

Rohirrim Maiden said...

Did Michael write his own story?

Carmen M. said...

No he didn't write it himself. I made a cursory search for the story online but was unable to find anything about it, much less the script. I may be able to get a copy from Michael, Mrs. Groff. And, Hannah, if I ever get it in digital form, I will try to send it to you, since I think you would enjoy it.