Saturday, January 9, 2010

Answers in Genesis Creation Museum

I am here.

Good questions.

Why I am here.

No, I'm not alone. I'm here with some wonderful people.

The big question: Which way can we get in more free? With the member passes or the free admittance vouchers?

Those poor clerks... it takes a long time to figure out things like that. At a place like this though, they ought to be used to big groups. You ought to see it when we try to check our family of eleven into a secular museum. Sometimes their computers can't even handle it.

Josiah spots the shot of a lifetime.

I hate to tell you this, Josiah, but it's dead. And you thought you were going to be the first to photograph a prehistoric creature right? :)

The Seven C's in God's Eternal Plan

Thank God I did.

Reflecting on the grass and the glass.

Ah ha! I'm not the only one who poses my subjects sometimes.

Let me guess... "The Little Boy with the Red Boots goes to the Creation Museum." ;-)

The Little Boy with Red Boots caught in an un-posed moment.

The world's not safe anymore?

I should think not! They're bringing the dinosaurs back!

The answer to Mr. Ham's favorite question.

The OT says, "Whosoever toucheth one that is slain... or a dead body... shall be unclean seven days." (emphasis mine)

What? I thought the ceremonial law doesn't apply today.

Victoria - not one to part with money easily. Yes sir! She was going in there after her penny.

The gardens are gorgeous.

I can't quite say that much for the llama.

The proprietor of the Dragon Hall Bookstore - he looks benign enough.

But it's only a subterfuge! He imprisons some of our beloved friends in his lair.

Scott consoles Bunyan's "man in an iron cage" by handing him a tract - How to "Break in Pieces the Gates of Brass and Cut in Sunder the Bars of Iron"


Josiah E. said...

Wow, Carmen, even though I haven't been able to see my pictures from the Museum yet I already can see it is going to be hard to top your coverage! The picture of the pavilion is simply beautiful!

Thank you for the pictures of me, do you mind if I grab the first one for my profile picture?

I think everyone had to get a shot of their "thou shalt not touch" sign. :)

Carmen M. said...

Thanks, Josiah. I'm confident your coverage will be beautiful as well, at least if it looks anything like your recent posts which have been great. Like I said, you're welcome to the picture.