Saturday, May 29, 2010

Cookie Swap Hosted by Monique

I wasn't really planning to post these photos, but then I had a little change of heart. I figured there might be people out there who get tired of seeing the Martin family and wouldn't mind seeing themselves for once. Is that the way it is? :-)

That said, we start out with a picture of a Martin.

Upon arrival, Mrs. Metarko receives her button-pin for the game Monique had planned. It involved a forbidden word, and, if you said the word and someone caught you, that someone got your pin. The goal? Get the most pins to get a prize. Monique was very shrewd in her choice of the forbidden word. Woe to you if you said the word cookie.

Charity: I did not say cookie!

Michaela: Well you sure did now!

On goes pin number two.

The Right-Left Game

The person holding the jar at the end of the game gets a prize. I think HannahGrace was tempted to just hang onto that jar.

But really, it's not nice of me to cast aspersion on such a nice girl as HannahGrace. :-)

The whispering begins.

Mrs. O'Connell cannot believe her ears. (But then, who can in Whisper Down the Lane?)

Mercy passes on the phrase in a whisper - a stage whisper.

For your information, the way to get a toddler to stop playing in the cupboards is to start taking pictures of him.

(This theory was tested on Miss Dorothy Phero with great success. Do try it at home.)

Despite taking each other's buttons all afternoon, we were still all friends at the end of the day.

<><><> <><><> <><><>

God bless your next two weeks.


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