Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Martin Family Airborne!

That's right. We're flying just like the birds.

Ever hear of spread eagles?

Mervin hasn't got his wings yet.

The parachutist discovers that... is a long way down.

Some of us don't feel quite at home in the air yet.

While others just cross their feet, spread their wings, and enjoy the ride.

He's so at home he can make it appear the opposite. Now that takes skill.

Clayton zooms in: "I just got back from Mars and there ARE aliens there!"

That news was enough to bring us all down to earth.

And you know what? Some people actually think that being down to earth is more fun.

Clear the helipad. Another one's coming in for landing.


I've been noticing that Grace likes coming for piano lessons even better these days. It's not as if she asks me for a longer lesson though. Strange, very strange.

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Monique E. said...

Well done Carmen! I so enjoyed the photos; plenty of good laughs :-)