Saturday, October 2, 2010

IFRC Church Picnic 2010

They told me it was football.

It looked more like a conspiracy to take out Mr. Raine.

*wipes forehead* I can't seem to get rid of this guy.


...he missed!

Will he miss too?

Hmm... Wonder why he wore his Phillies shirt?


(Whoops, I'm still thinking football.)

Isn't it odd that when you get out you have to go in?

(The way Clayton does it makes it even odder, I know.)

Mrs. Karlburg - outfield, in her element.

Kara and Carrots

My coverage would not be complete without these wonderful ladies and...

H2O - Hard 2 Omit

Folks start turning their backs on the picnic and...

...heading to their vehicles.

I hope he makes it home.

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