Saturday, October 16, 2010

We Got Cows!

Yeah, we looked as surprised as you when we found out.

They didn't look surprised. Quite at home rather.

What they were was obvious, but where they came from and whose they were was a head-scratching problem.

What, not yours either?

All Mercy can figure out is that those cows must have made a big moostake.

Christian patrols with a hockey stick.

Wait, Clayton. Last I heard, wind drives away chaff, not chaff drives away cows.

Head sentry thinks he's got these C.O.W.s under control.

Bull starts his way.

You sure you don't need some aid from the homeland security department?

No, I'm fine...

I've got my methods.

You're hungry, eh?

We'll use that to our advantage.

Dad extends his hospitality to all the cows.

Ungrateful beast.

Eventually the owner shows up, the cows (and the excitement) leave, and...

...Conrad washes down the barn.

Now that's a day in Lancaster Cownty for you!

<><><> <><><> <><><>

God Bless Every One.



firstwatchwarrior said...

Wow, the color on the last shot is stunning! So I am not the only one who's blog is having a rough time of it?

Dad said...

I really enjoyed reliving the excitement. After all a bovine invasion is not an everyday event.