Saturday, January 8, 2011

"When we preach a sermon that belittles sin, we belittle Christ." -Dan Horn


Rick Riggins

No, I don't know him, but name tags give a lot away.

As do purses.

Homemade name tag reads: I am BILL EINWECHTER'S son-in-law.

Trying to capitalize on the celebrity value of the Einwechter name, eh?

Oh yeah, it pays to be an Einwechter.

Love the Church, which means love the people in the Church, which means - I get to love these girls!

Me and my lens holder.

Emma was the only one with a bag big enough.

Trouble is her heart wasn't big enough.

(Just joking. Emma toted stuff for us all weekend.)

After conversation in the Vendor Hall and supper in the Dining Hall, we head back for more sermons in the Lecture Hall.

"God the Father has never thought of you apart from Christ or Christ apart from you." -Jeff Pollard

"The only thing we could motivate a holy God to do is to condemn us." -Paul Washer

I know why they have Mr. Washer speak last: there's no danger of people falling asleep. In fact, the danger is that people won't be able to sleep all night.


Abigail E. said...

That's rich. I like the pictures of Nelson. :-D

Ah, yes, Emma has a good heart. Was that when you decided you needed to look for a larger bag? :-)

The Bryants said...

These pictures are a beautiful story about the LTC conference. Thank you for sharing! It looks like your family had a blessed time. We would have liked to have attended but were unable to do so. God bless your beautiful family!