Saturday, March 5, 2011

We've Started NT Greek

(But most of it's still Greek to us.)

Dad's notes from Lesson 1, when Mr. Einwechter gave it to us straight. Problem is: we were already signed up.

Alpha, Beta, Gamma...

(You know - A B C - that sort of thing.)

So, Dad, what is the future active indicative third person plural of λυο?

Dad often impresses us (in the forceful sense) into helping him drill and then impresses us (in the admiring sense) by how much he knows.

As we labor over Greek, Mom is (rapidly) making her way through the new Lamplighter books.

Oh, to once again read an English novel...!


Isaac said...

Well Carmen, It looks like you might need to spend a little more time studying your Greek...because I believe luo is spelled with an omega on the end instead of an omicron.

Carmen M. said...

Wow, you're right. I knew Greek was going to be a humbling experience, but - λυο! Of all things. I'm not going to fix it though. We'll see how many more people notice.

Anonymous said...

Hey Carmen,

Is there really a future active tense?

The third person plural, present, indicative, active of luw is louousin

Carmen M. said...

Yes, there is if I understand what you're asking. λυω becomes λυσω in the future, active, indicative, first person singular.

As for the present, active, indicative, third person plural, you are close. λυουσι is what we learned. Of course the movable Nu is added sometimes.

σω ου' αρ ευ;