Saturday, June 11, 2011

Hello Everybody,

Getting worried? Thinking maybe this is the end?

No, not quite. I was at the wedding of my friends Dale and Anna Stoltzfus today, which is why I'm posting late. Also, this past week I was working on another project, which is why this post is short.

Both the wedding and the "other project" were a blessing to be part of. So, no regrets.

(The link there is for those of you who contributed. Thank you.)

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Anonymous said...

Wow!! What a fantastic birthday gift to your friend!! :)

I am definately hoping that you decide to continue in your blogging... I enjoy staying "in touch" with your life! :) (But I do understand the difficulty of fitting these things in....)

Blessings to your week! Looking forward to Thursday!

Mrs. Groff