Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Hello everyone and welcome.

This post features some everyday, though not necessarily normal, events in our family. I suppose every family has its quirks and odd things it does. Probably, most of you don't have siblings that feel at home in a dumpster. I, personally, do not find it my favorite environment, but, on the particular evening that I will be covering, I subjected myself to a close brush with it in order to get some photos. A little background information to help you understand the circumstances might be in order. In our back yard, there is a dumpster that the folks who rent our barn dump trash in. This is the scene of the next few pictures. The rest of the pictures are from another evening in which my youngest sister was reading the newspaper. Once again, that is probably something that your little sister does not do as a rule. To tell the truth, Mercy does not make a regular habit of it either, which is why I got my camera out when I saw her doing it.

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Sylvia said...

Adorable photos of Mercy! Conrad and Candace had me laughing. I love your comments.