Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Templeton, his Relatives, and their Native Environment

The scroungers. The dumpster in our back yard
provides many useful articles to those who care to
search! Wood for forts, old soda cans, you name it...

Looks as if the scroungers have reinforcements
on the way.

More packrats!

Candace and Conrad are "friendly" rivals in a competition
to see who can collect the most soda cans for recycling.
On this particular evening, Candace has the initial victory.

To Candace's great chagrin, Conrad soon follows it
up by finding a can of his own.


Anonymous said...

um....... Did you realise that both times Conrad had the same can.(LOL)

Carmen M. said...

Anonymous, I did admit that some of these photos were staged you know. :-) But, as my sister pointed out, you really don't know if it was the same can: we could have found one exactly the same and even dented it in the identical places. Really, only a few folks know the truth. Don't you wish you were one of them?!