Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Work As Well As Play

I've got another post up, everybody. You could correctly call this my first late post. Don't take me wrong: I'm not apologizing! If you were with me back when I started this blog, you will recall that I said that my time means more to me than this blog. As it happens, lack of time really wasn't the problem, but I had the best reason I could possibly have: computer trouble. Our family's ancient laptop is, as was long anticipated, dying. Even though the problem isn't completely resolved, I am able to do this post using Dad's business laptop. Thank you to those who haven't abandoned my blog in it's first small unpunctuality. Your patience is appreciated and may be required frequently:).


Anonymous said...

Didn't you recently go to Longwood Gardens? Did you take ... pictures?? Gonna post em?? Soon??

Carmen M. said...

Hi Anonymous,
You are my first experience with an unidentified commenter; I am finding that it raises my curiosity maddeningly(actually, I think I know who you are)! In answer to your question, yes, I did go to Longwood Gardens the other Saturday, and I am planning that to be the subject of my next post. Will it be "soon"? Well, I would like it to be, but time will tell:).

Anonymous said...

Hey its me again (the anonymus person). Enjoyed the pictures of your trip. Looks like you had a pretty good time. Thanks for the your post, it was worth the exceedingly long wait. Auf Wiederhören; hasta la vista; Bye Bye!