Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Do you see those two binders? Our very THOROUGH personal tour guide printed out all that information in preparation for this trip! (Thank you for the very interesting tour, Mr. Raine! I really did enjoy it immensely.)

Like father, like sons. Just look at that folder under his arm!

Whatever it is, it is obviously a "guy thing" or at the very least a "Raine thing."

I kept stepping back and stepping back until finally I had the Enola Gay framed nose to tail.
Trivia: Who can tell me the historical significance of the Enola Gay? (Rules: No googling, and all Raines excluded! ;-)

Look closely. That is real moon dust on those gloves.


Philip Einwechter said...

By any chance would the Enola Gay be the bomber that dropped the Atomic bomb?

Carmen M. said...

You are absolutely correct, Philip. Now the next question would be: "Was it the first or second bomb?" :-)

I apologize for taking so long to answer your comment.

Philip E. said...

It was the first bomb, which I think was dropped on Hiroshima.

Queen of Ethiopia said...

Does anybody know the name of the bomber that dropped the second atomic bomb? Encyclopedias are not allowed!

Carmen M. said...

Candace, clever try, but I figured out that it was you! ;-) I thought about asking that question too since it is the least well-known of the two bombers. Now we'll see if any of my readers, besides the Raines, know.