Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Weis Markets - a "wise" place to rendezvous with the Raines

(You will only get the pun if you mispronounce "Weis" as "Wise" like our family sometimes does :-)

Dad is briefed on the day's schedule.

After driving alongside a traffic jam in the opposite lane for several miles, we finally decided that it was an important enough part of the days' events to deserve documentation.

National Smithsonian Air and Space Museum

(Yes, we did, of course, go to the top of the "tower." With so many children along, we didn't even have to count the votes to settle the question; the adults were so obviously outnumbered!)

It's awfully gentlemanly of you and everything, Mr. Raine, but.....well....we normally don't go in the Exit doors!

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