Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A Day-Trip with the Raines

Hello Everyone,

Probably a lot of you have heard of Bob Neff Tours? Well, our family doesn't go on Bob Neff Tours; we go on "Mark Raine Tours!" Our family and the Raine family have gone on many fun trips together (always historical in nature - we are all history buffs) and the latest was our visit to the National Smithsonian Air and Space Museum in Virginia. It was certainly a long-anticipated excursion since we had to plan it three times before it ever occurred. The first time the Raines got sick, the second time the illness was our fault, and, even though we did actually go the third time, we all fell sick with the flu less than a week later! That is all past, however, and all we choose to remember are the many good times we had that day.

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~Rebecca~ said...

Your trip looks like you all had a lot of fun! I love your witty captions to the pictures. I love to see large families having fun, and since I am part of a large family I know how challenging organizing a family trip can be...especially with little ones! Pictures are beautiful! I LOVE the dress uniform drill pics, how awesome to see that!