Saturday, January 10, 2009


Candace's Fire/Hotdog Art

A game of Rook abandoned in favor of modern technology's attractions?! They don't know what's good in life!

Gloria really likes the photo-sharing idea. I gave her permission to download any pictures that she wanted of the day. The next thing I knew, she had posted quite a few on Facebook, which was something I had not given her permission to do! (Sorry, Gloria! I have to give you a hard time about that. :-)

I know, I know - it is a lot like the last photo. But look closer! That is this blog she's looking at!

The fire's burning low,
It's time for me to go.
My mind is tired too
Without a single clue,
If the products of my lens
Made any bit of sense
Combined with all my captions
To document our actions.
You see there's so much stress
Not to post in excess,
Yet not to post too little.
So give me an acquittal
If it sounded really fake.
I plead, "A headache!" ;-)

God Bless


Sylvia Hoover said...

I love that little poem at the end! I didn't know you are a poet!
Very nice shots of a special day!

Carmen M. said...

I'm afraid I'm not much of a poet really, though I do have fun stringing couplets together when the inspiration seizes me! (Oh, and I like to make limericks sometimes. :-)

glo said...

ok, so will i NEVER hear the end of the facebook mistake!!!! LOL

and yes, i echo sylvias thoughts on that poem. Very nice. Im impressed.

God pics, carmen, good pics. You & candace are becoming my heroes in the photography area