Saturday, March 7, 2009

Listen, if you have only had salt-water taffy in your life and if that is what you have been comparing this to, stop! Pulled taffy is totally different and much better!

Divvying out the goodies. (How was your "thinking," Einwechters? - see bag ;-)

While doing a little research on taffy-pulling, I stumbled across this definition for a "taffy pull". Couldn't resist!

"A large group of self-absorbed people gathering for the purpose of patting themselves on the back, telling the world how great they are."

Somebody's sleepy.


We had a wonderful time teaching you, Einwechters! Everybody else, if you want to learn the art, you can email me at to schedule your own taffy tutoring class.

So after much taffy-pulling and leg-pulling (yes, that is a fake email address ;-), I am signing off.

God Bless,



i said...

Two in this part.

~Rebecca~ said...

Food for thought, ha ha ha! Very clever caption!