Saturday, March 7, 2009

The 2nd focus of the Evening

I'm trying to decide what our main objective really was that evening: pulling taffy so that we could take photos or taking photos to remember pulling taffy.

The photography session had to be started out properly by examining a master's work (a book of Karsh photographs in this case).

Dad, wipe that benevolent smile off your face! That's Fidel Castro you're looking at! ;-)

A creative photographer doesn't need a studio to get...

...beautiful portraits!

Typical Christian.

Faith was thrilled that I abandoned the camera. She must have taken around seventy-five photos - a blossoming photographer?


Isaac said...

Image 5262 is yours.

Carmen M. said...

Well, that one is kind of obvious. :-)

Josiah E. said...

In answer to the question posed in the first caption, I really couldn't say which is true, for some I am sure it was to pull taffy, but for the photographers I think it is kind of a toss up ;-)

BTW I really like the first picture :)

~Rebecca~ said...

ANY activity worth taking photos is for the photographer! :) Personal opinion anyways! nice captions. A towel for a backdrop, who would have thought?