Saturday, March 7, 2009

To me, this photo embodies good taffy-pulling. If you don't have extremely buttery hands or if you aren't pulling in the Z pattern, your enterprise is doomed.

'Without salt there is no savor';
Without vanilla there is no flavor!
The first is needed in salt-water taffy;
The latter added to homemade taffy.

Stretch it out...

...snip it off...

...wrap it up.

Finished product.

There is even an art to cutting the wrappers.

Now, Karen... I thought you wanted to learn how to pull taffy? If it was candy-canes you wanted to make, why ever didn't you say so? :-)

Perforated Taffy


Isaac said...

Two pictures in this one.

Josiah E. said...

Seeing that the first picture is of Isaac and I pulling, I will take that as a complement from a master taffy puller ;-)

There are some really nice pictures and captions in this set! I really like the blurring effect on the taffy as I throw it into the bowl.

~Rebecca~ said...

Awesome pics, and I agree the blur is very neat. I love how everyone looks so interested in their pieces of taffy!

Carmen M. said...

Thanks, Josiah - both for the compliment and for offering to throw taffy into the dish "as long as you need me to." Of all the sets of photos, this was probably one I had the most fun captioning; then again, they were all fun!

Thank you too, Rebecca! Yes, some of those photos are truly "candids."