Saturday, July 25, 2009

The rain made us "blue" so to cheer us up...

The moment we've all been waiting for: the "Einweacther" Bluegrass Quartet is about to perform!

"Look! They spelled our name wrong!" That is so hard to believe. ;-)

Here they are: the "Einweacthers" - otherwise known as the "Einwechters."

If you ever get a chance, go hear them! I think you'll find their touring schedule at... sorry my mind went blank.

You know... I think I recognize every face in the audience. (Uhh, maybe I shouldn't have mentioned that.)

Planted Applause

Next generation sound men.

I think they know something.

When it rains, it's nice to have friends in the sound tent.

We all had a pretty good attitude about the rain though. We are die-hard Einwechter Bluegrass fans you see.

Singing in the Rain

Like I overheard someone say, "It was very successful day considering that it was a failure." Translated that means: "There was a very large turnout despite the rain."

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~Rebecca~ said...

I Love your witty jokes!!