Saturday, July 25, 2009

Barrels of Fun

Making sure the hayride driver doesn't miss out on all the good food.

(I posted this picture for you, Mrs. Groff :-)

My wonderful piano student Amber fishing for treasure. (Anything you can get for only ten cents is treasure for sure :)

Three junior firemen ready for their first assignment.

Wait a minute, you can't all go first.

Taking his job seriously.

By the looks of it, the target takes its job seriously too. It's not going to be shot down easily.

Finally... it's down.

Candace chooses a very appropriate place to eat her John F. Martin-donated hamburger.

I spy... a Martin marvel, a Botsford brownie, a Phero favorite, and an Einwechter edible (just so ;-).

(In case you haven't noticed, I sometimes like to make controversial statements on this blog.)

And when you run out of dimes to buy tickets, all you have to do is throw a football through a tire and they give you a free ticket. (I should tell you though, the ball doesn't always want to go through the tire.)

Meeting old friends for the first time. ;-)

"It takes a long time to grow an old friend." These two are working hard at it.

Monique multi-tasking.


Isaac said...

Ok, you really made a controversial statement this time! You just said that our desserts are not a favorite, not a marvel, but just edible! Do you really think our food is that bad? ;-)

Carmen M. said...

I only bought one dessert that day. Out of all the marvels and favorites, I chose YOUR apple danish. I didn't regret it. Satisfied? :-)

Isaac said...

I am satisfied that you choose our dessert out of all the other ones. :-) But, if you choose ours out of all the selection, couldn't you have left a better comment about it? ;-)

Btw, I like to milk these subjects for all there worth. ;-) JK.